Candy packaging technology – inventory of packaging knowledge points

According to Statisca's compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021-2025, the snack consumption of the public is expected to increase by 5.6% annually. As we all know, consumers turn to snacks because of the easy access to packaging that meets the needs of the current fast-paced lifestyle.

*A fast-paced lifestyle?

At Sonoco, we have designed our food grade cylindrical packaging with the greatest care and perseverance to provide customers with the best quality snack storage and consumer products. To ensure environmental sustainability, our snack packaging is made of biodegradable and renewable materials, which is not only beneficial to end-users, but also beneficial to the environment.


Technical characteristics of candy packaging

Our snack packaging consists of a plastic top that is easy to reseal for sealing the top. This function is designed to ensure the convenience of the end user during the snack consumption. The resealable plastic cover is convenient for consumers to eat freely at any time, while keeping the freshness of the food inside.
In addition, in order to successfully attract consumers' attention to the brand, the top cover can be customized to be transparent, colored or embossed.

Aluminum end
All snack packages are added with a large amount of aluminum easy opening as the bottom seal. With our top aluminum tips, you can keep the original taste and quality of snacks before, during and after unpacking.

Peelable film sealing
In addition, our food grade packaging consists of a bottom film that is easy to peel. This function is designed to keep the product fresh. When we strive to improve the quality of life of consumers by maintaining high-quality products, we also ensure that the paper can body uses recycled fiber components to continue our commitment to environmental protection.

Other custom features
When designing snack packaging, we give priority to the resealability and convenience of the end user, as well as the freshness of the product and the brand's visibility on crowded shelves.
Therefore, we provide value-added customized services for snack packaging, such as embossing, containers with small holes and rotatable covers, or spoons to enhance brand identity and attractiveness.

Post time: Nov-10-2022