Food Packaging Design

Brand tells the story of the company. What can emphasize the brand image more than packaging?

First impression is very important. Packaging is usually your first product introduction to consumers. Therefore, product packaging is a factor that manufacturers should not neglect. This is why your packaging needs to show your quality, brand and story visually.

You may be surprised to find that four out of ten consumers try a product only because it attracts their attention in the store. Seven out of ten consumers said that packaging design would affect their purchase decision, because this was their first interaction with the product itself.

Nowadays, the time window for ordinary shoppers to make retail purchase decisions is limited.

It only takes 7 seconds to make an unforgettable first impression. This is why effective packaging design can help your products stand out on retail shelves, increase sales and attract customers.


The following are five important reasons for packaging design:

Brand positioning and customer loyalty
◆ Packaging helps convey brand value and create a unique identity for your brand. If your brand can occupy a unique position in the minds of consumers, it will further enhance brand loyalty, and they will continue to use your products. For example:
>Color: Green is related to health and growth, while red arouses consumers' enthusiasm and excitement.
>Bold message: catchy phrases and slogans appeal to millennial audiences.
>Visual friendliness: Make your packaging interesting with creative colors and storytelling illustrations.
>Consistency: Using similar product designs helps achieve brand consistency. While maintaining continuity, it also realized a strong brand series.
◆ In the end, your product packaging design will definitely stand out in the target market you have identified.

The charming packaging design will win you a place on the shelf
◆ This is not just to attract customers' attention. Attractive product packaging design will greatly promote retail. Many leading brands in the 21st century have regarded this as a top priority.
◆ In this era, grocery chain stores are no longer satisfied with the extensive shelf display, so your product packaging design needs to be excellent to attract potential customers and make your products stand out in the market. On the contrary, poor packaging design will make your products lose opportunities.

Improve your product perceived value
◆ The visual impression of packaging is an effective indicator to determine the perceived value of products. How do ordinary consumers identify whether your products are high-quality?
◆ Product packaging with unique design, high quality and attention to detail will reflect the quality of its products and attract potential customers to buy again in the future.
◆ At the same time, the simple packaging will convey the signal of inferior goods to consumers, and may not even take a look at it.

Packaging as a marketing tool
◆ Attractive packaging is not the only point in promoting your product. It is also important that the packaging is consistent with your marketing campaign and is used as an extension of promotional activities.
◆ For example, you can create hot spots by only offering limited edition products for a specific time. This will not only make the product unique, but also make customers feel the time pressure, prompting them to make a purchase decision quickly.
◆ Excellent packaging design is a powerful marketing tool for your brand. It accurately conveys to consumers why your products and brands are different, and stimulates the purchase desire of onlookers.

Packaging functionality
>Size: different sizes of packaging can be customized to meet the needs of consumers. It can be designed as a standard "carry on" style, or it can be defined as suitable for luxury parties.
>Safety: ensure the safety of your food during the transportation between the manufacturer and the retailer, and also prevent the product from being damaged on the shelf. Therefore, the product packaging must be firm and reliable. The paper can made of recycled fiber has implosion and compression resistance.
>Convenient storage: Stackable packaging also helps keep your storage clean, making your products safe, fresh and easy to sell. Good packaging design makes packaging, transportation and storage very convenient. It does not clutter storage space and avoid taking up too much space.
>Fresh keeping: Paper containers are easy to open and cover, especially those sealed containers that need to be used for many times. Consumers no longer need to worry about not repackaging their snacks and leftovers, and they can enjoy the products with the best freshness at any time.

Post time: Nov-10-2022